One of the reasons this blog was born was to inspire you to make more money with side hustles so that you can pay off debt quicker and save more money faster.

What is a side hustle? A side hustle is something you do in additional to your 9-5 to generate extra cash. Sometimes side hustles turn into full-time businesses and other times they are just a way to make an extra few hundred bucks each month.

If you want to get aggressive with your debt repayment and savings you have to do 1 of 2 things.

1. Spend less money
2. Make more money

Ideally, you want to be doing both. Spend less and make more.

While you might not have any ideas of where you could begin, here are 3 simple ways you can create more cash.

1. Sell Your Crap!
Many of us have way too much stuff that's just collecting dust and some people are actually paying storage companies money to hold their crap. If you haven't used it in over a year, chances are it’s not an essential item to have in your life. Start listing stuff for sale on Facebook groups, local classified groups or apps like Let Go.

You will be surprised how much quick cash you can generate be reviewing everything you have and selling what you don’t really need anymore. I make a list of big items first because to help make my home look less cluttered and most make the most money . Don’t be fooled by size; I have sold plenty of smaller items that bring in big cash too.

2. List one of your skills on Fiverr.
We all have some skill we can package up, put a pretty bow on and sell. Fiverr is a great marketplace that allows people to sell gigs (any kind of service). From writing, editing, and coding to photography, gift-making and beyond. You will be surprised at the types of gigs people are making money with on Fiverr.

I have used this platform since its birth and at the start, everything was only 5 bucks! Crazy deals for so many different services. Today some gigs are 5 bucks, but most are considerably more.

Go on over and take a look at all the gigs to see where you might be able to fit in.

3. Find The leaks in your bank account.
This can be an eye opener and a cash injection. Most of us are just spending money without thinking about it. We have become a society that just spends. Even all the little things you spend money on add up quickly. If you never look, you will never realize how much that coffee or latte every morning is really costing you. Many people still live with their head in the clouds about how much they really spend every month. This does not help you find more cash.

This is such an important thing to do that we dedicate the first day of our FREE Money Mastery Made Simple mini course to it. If you haven't taken that yet, please go HERE to sign up. It’s completely free and has the power not only to help you free up some cash but transform your finances forever.

Any of these three easy strategies can give your life a quick cash injection. Remember to be smart with the cash you generate. Pay down debt or save or invest it if you're already debt free. Let it inspire you to keep trying new ways to generate more cash.

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