Making the decision to tackle your finances can be just as painful as starting a new diet. You start strong only to lose your momentum within the first week, or you keep telling yourself you will start tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

Then, once you start doing really well, you reward yourself with a small cheat, which sends you into a downward spiral of bad decisions.

So, how do you get in the Money Zone Mindset? And more importantly, how do you stay there when life knocks you down?

Here are 3 tips to help you get in, or stay in, your Money Zone Mindset.

Creating financial goals makes tackling your finances fun. What do you want to achieve? 
Setting goals helps you know exactly what you need to do to tackle your finances – and reaching each milestone makes the process fun.

Maybe you want to be debt free, but are overwhelmed by the amount of debt you have to pay off.

Make sure you have both large and small financial goals, allowing you to celebrate each win along the way. If you are too strict with your budget and don’t allow yourself satisfaction along the way, you will give up on your big financial goals. This is true for me, at least.

One of my favorite quotes is, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

You need to figure out how to make your money goals a reality. If you are overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, try our FREE Money Mastery Made Simple mini course, which walks you through the exact process I followed to master my finances and pay off $109,364 in just one year.

You can have all your financial goals happen if you just make a plan and stick to it.

Be sure to look at your plan often. Get excited about it. For example, if one of your goals is to renovate your bathroom, price it all out and calculate how much money you need to save to make it happen. Start window shopping and dreaming of what your new space will look like when you are finished. Remind yourself that this is what you are working toward.

This is the most powerful tip. A support system of like-minded people can help you stay on track, or help you get back on track, when times get tough.

Start reading personal finance books and blogs. You are reading this blog post and we hope you come back weekly to stay motivated and on track. Listen to podcasts. Join some online communities. Start talking to your friends about what you have learned.

The first two books I recommend you start with are Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and Debt Free Forever.

Most importantly, if you have a spouse, commit to tackling your finances together. You both have to be on the same page to be successful with your money. While one spouse may do more of the actual budgeting, both should read the same books and plan together.

Do you remember what it was like to dream about your future as a child? Be a kid again and start dreaming together about all the things you want to do. Big and small. Find affordable solutions to make those dreams a reality.

Being in debt is robbing you of your dreams. Stop making the banks richer and start keeping more of your hard-earned money. To make your financial goals a reality, you must first grasp hold of your finances and commit to becoming debt free.

It all starts with getting in the Money Zone Mindset.

You have the power to change your finances forever. Are you ready to start?

the money factor 3 tips how to Get IN The Money Zone Mindset

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