Are you making any of these disastrous mistakes?  

Before you read another sentence in this blog post, I want to make a few things clear.

Firstly it’s OK if you are making any of these mistakes. Please don’t beat yourself up; that's not what this information is for. We want to help you form new habits so you can be a money maverick. Check your self blame at the door and come on in.

Secondly, if you read this article and can honestly say you don’t do any of these 5 things, then I raise a glass to you my friend because YOU ROCK!!

1. Do you keep up with the Joneses?
Keeping up with the Joneses is killing your wealth, and is a serious problem in our culture. I broke up with Jones many years ago and you can read about it on the post Breaking Up With The Jones
The reality is that so many people always want what other people have. You need  to focus on what you have and forget about everyone else.

2. Are you budgeting all wrong?
I used to be one of those people who didn't budget correctly. You can read all about my embarrassing story and how horrible I was at budgeting here. Having a budget is a MUST. You will hear me say this over and over again. If you don’t tell your money where to go, it just evaporates.

3. Do you feel entitled?
Having a sense of entitlement is dangerous. Does “I work hard so I deserve this” sound familiar? I am not here to challenge whether or not you work hard. 
What I do want to say is that if you feel the need to reward yourself, and I agree we all need some rewards, you should never put that reward on credit. If you can’t pay cash for that reward then think of treating yourself to something you can pay cash for.

4. Are you are a chronic “on sale” spender?
I will raise my hand on this one. I use to buy anything just because it was a great deal. I am a sucker for sweet savings. The truth is, unless I really need it, I am still wasting money buying stuff just because the price is good.  Being a savvy saver is not only about keeping an eye out for great deals but knowing when to keep your money in your bank account.

5. Do you lack gratefulness and contentment?
Rome was not built in a day, and truth be told, you did not get into debt overnight. I
t takes time to get where you want go and to start enjoying the journey. There is something to be grateful for in every day, even when I had to move from my big ole mansion to a much smaller house that looked like 1965 threw up all over it.

I would come down stairs to the red velvet carpet and lime green linoleum kitchen every morning, close my eyes, and see my dream living room and kitchen. I could feel the excitement pulsing through my entire body.

I made a plan of attack to transform the space into my dream and I focused on being content with the fact I was on my way to making it happen.

Guess what? It did happen and I am so grateful and blessed still to this day.

Don’t get down on yourself if you aren’t where you want to be right now. There was a time when I thought we would never pay off that $109,000. But we made a plan and worked hard at it. If we can do it, you can, too!

It’s ok if you are making any of these mistakes. Vow right now to yourself that you will correct them. There may be times when you fall back into these bad habits.

Correct yourself and get back on track. Remember to strive for progress not perfection.

5 money mistake and how to fix them

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