You'll love these 5 Dollar Store Hacks!  You can find such incredible deals at the Dollar Store / Dollar Tree and what a way to stretch your dollar.  From everyday stuff to birthday goodies to…well practically all things for your home, organization, travel and more!

Heck, I even get my cat Maya's “toys” there!

Here's your 5 cool Dollar Store Hacks…

Dollar Store Hack #1:  DIY Kate Spade Rose Bowl Knock It Off

We found this cool hack over at Vintage Romance Style.

She was inspired to knock off Kate Spade's $75 Rosebowl vase for $3-4.

Now that's what I call a COOL DOLLAR STORE SAVINGS right!

All you need are:

1 Bowl Vase

1 Gold Metallic Paint Pen

1 Chapstick Lid

Here's what you do for this Dollar Store Hack:

Step 1:  Hold your chapstick lid inside the bowl vase and trace it with your paint pen. Then you simply fill in the circle with the paint pen.
Space your next circle about 2 inches apart.
Place the chapstick lid inside the bowl vase and hold it while you trace it with your paint pen. Then fill in the circle with the paint pen.
Space your next circle about 2 inches apart.
Here's how the first row looks.
ROW 2: Now it's rinse and repeat! Just make your circles about and inch down and in between each top dots. Go all the way around.
Continue putting circles to the design you want or similar to the finished image below:

Step 2:  Let dry for a few minutes and then go over the dots by hand to add a second coat on the circles. You won't need the lid for the second coat. Just free hand it. Let dry again and you are done!

How cool is that! Easy Peasy and amazing what you can do with a little metallic pen and your savvy imagination!

Dollar Store Hack #2:  Crayon Organizer with Popsicle Trays

We adore this hack done by Teach Junkie

Whether you're a budding artist or chasing around the munchkins…you'll love this dollar store hack.  Organize your crayons by color with popsicle trays.

Dollar Store Hack #3:  Sit Back, Relax, & Enjoy A Cool One All Summer Long

Now after chasing around the kiddies…you might want to enjoy a cold one and take a well deserved break.

Find out how to make this at Instructables 

Dollar Store Hack #4:  Zen Spa It On Up At Home 

Want your bathroom to have that SPA ish atmosphere?  Make your own pebble mat

All you'll need is

1 welcome rubber mat

4 bags of river rocks

Contact cement

See how to make it over at Curbly

Dollar Store Hack #5:  Clever Kitchen Appliance Cord Organizer WHAT

I LOVE this hack! Use it for your blender, juicer, Kitchen Aid…whatever appliance suits your fancy!

Thanks to this cool find at Dreamingindiy

All you need is one of these Command Cord bundlers, if you can't find them at the Dollar Store, your local Walmart carries them or even Home Depot, Canadian Tire and such.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 Incredibly Useful Dollar Store Hacks that are super easy and useful.



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