HI there! In this post I'll share with you 8 tips on how to select profitable products to sell online for your ecommerce or Shopify store.

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to starting an eCommerce store is “what should I sell” or “how to I find products to sell?”.

First of all, the number one thing I can't stress enough is…

LOWER YOUR RISK when it comes to starting your online store.  Select a niche that is ‘in demand‘ so that you can build a loyal following around and NEVER run out of content as well.

So basically you want a niche that is “evergreen”, not seasonal or not a fad.

What I mean by a fad is for example, fidget spinners.

If you spent a TON OF TIME building your online store, marketing, setting up your email to sell fidget spinners…

Well that ship has already sailed when it comes to raking in SALES of fidget spinners because it lasted only a few short months.

If you selected a niche such as “fitness or cooking or gardening or camping or bird watching” for example…

Those products will be around in that niche FOREVER!  Making it an EVERGREEN niche.

If you haven't checked it out yet and want to learn more about niche selection, take a read of our blog post at the link below:

Top Ten eCommerce Shopify Niches for 2018 for Dropshipping & Print On Demand

Trust me, you'll set yourself up for LONG TERM success when you sell products in a niche that will never go away.  Plus, you will have a BIGGER GROUP of people to sell to so it just makes common sense right?

How To Select Profitable Products: “Tips n Tricks”

Here are the 8 tips that will help you find profitable physical products to sell, whether you use Shopify as your online store software or others they'll get you on your way to a wonderful cashflow business.

First off you should sell products that have qualities that BOOST your sales and get you a higher profit margin.  Foe example, you don't want to ship products that are “fragile” and then you have to worry about returns, customer service and disappointed customers.

I kinda always think of my customer's journey.

How would you like to be treated after you bought something online?  If you received something that came in broken in the mail or didn't work (e.g. electronic products) you'd not want to buy from that brand ever again right?

So let's give yourself the BEST CHANCE at success by having qualities in your products that are:

  1. Easy to ship and not fragile
  2. Not electronic
  3. Low level of customer service
  4. Low return rate
  5. Has room for “backend booyaa” – cross sells and up sells
  6. Has repeat orders
  7. Has an audience on Facebook you can sell to
  8. Has high profit margin (e.g. you can buy it for $5 bucks includes shipping to your customer, sell for $25)
  9. Has GREAT high quality “you can trust on” suppliers.

NOTE – once you start MASTERING selling physical products online then you can consider selling stuff that may not fit in the above criteria.  For example there are brands CRUSHING it selling bluetooth portable speakers and you could too once you have cut your chops on your first online store and got your marketing and customer service rocking!  Make sense?

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OK, back to the tips n tricks.

Now that you know what “criteria” or “qualities” your products should have…you might be wondering:

“Hey Maria, where can I research or find in-demand products to sell?”

I've got your back sunshine!

Here's 8 places you can start with:

1. Look around “YOU”!  Yes you.  If you see lots of people starting to wear or use something, that could be your sign to consider sourcing such products and selling!

That's what I did with my yoga niche Shopify store – I simply started seeing lots of people wearing beaded bracelets and decided to start my own yoga themed store sourcing products found on the site in #5 below.

2. Buzzsumo.com.  What I love about this site is you can search for what's most trending and shared (HINT – that usually means it's getting SALES!).  You can then sell something similar or the exact same thing. How cool is that.

Here's a “quickie” example I just found right now as I write this blog post.  I went to buzzsumo.com and entered “Yoga bracelet” as per screenshot below:

Then you can click on the actual items.

When I clicked on the Lucky Yoga Bracelets here's the actual bracelet being sold by that online eCommerce store:

Here's the COOL PART!

You can set up your own online store using Shopify where you get a 14 day FREE trial here using their software.

I use it myself and started using Shopify since 2015 and you'll find it pretty easy to use and they have a fantastic blog with fabulous ideas for you as well.

3. Marksight.com:  This is a site here I just recently found and for the under ten buck a month subscription, you can get a TON of insights and research into “what's selling now”.

4. Google Trends:  Many online marketers use Google trends.  It's pretty self explanatory on ‘how to use it'.  I use it to see what's trending now and also the “cycles” of interest over a 5 year period.

Inside our eCom Foundations FREE course here – on day 4 training I show you some examples of how I use it.

5. Aliexpress Bestsellers.  OK if you're going to go down a “rabbit hole” of researching ‘what to sell products' online…this is your site – Aliexpress.  Personally, just one product from this store I've resold over 10,000 units of to the tune of over $50k in sales!

When you look at their best selling items (and you can sort by number of orders) you get a TON of product ideas that you can turn around and sell right away.

I walk you through a bit more about Aliexpress with an actual item example being sold for 5 times markup on a Shopify store over on the Shopify ten hot niches blog post here.

Aliexpress is one of the most commonly used sourcing sites for most Shopify online stores and it makes drop shipping much easier because of sites like this.

Want a SUMMARY of the 8 Tips on “HOT PRODUCTs” Research sites?

Ask and ye shall receive.  Here's a pretty pink graphic we created for you! Enjoy.

6. Amazon Bestsellers.  Success leaves clues right?  When you go to the Amazon Bestsellers list here, you can look up by category to see what's hot right now.  What's really cool is that you can drill down further into sub-categories.

For example within the Kitchen and Dining Bestsellers, you can drill further into the sub-category “Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets” and then to “Fruit & Vegetable Tools” such as the image below shows you.

In the image above you can find a lot of Fruit & Vegetable tools that are best sellers for you to get ideas for your own online store product offerings.

7. Top Shopify Stores.  I found this tool about 2 years ago and it's still kinda a “hidden secret” amongst power players in the eCommerce industry.  

Did you know that there is a website you can go to that shows you ALL the online stores using Shopify as their software platform and you can sort them by the amount of TRAFFIC they receive.

This is like getting thousands of dollars of ‘market research' done for you and handed to you on a silver platter because you can bet your bottom dollar the stores getting the MOST TRAFFIC, are the stores getting the MOST SALES!

I'm a firm believer in ‘reverse engineering' what's working NOW online for others, and you model something similar.

I”m not talking about a direct copycat but it just makes sense to follow what's working now and take your own spin on it rather than REINVENTING THE WHEEL.

I show you in Day 4 video training in our free eCom Foundations course here EXACTLY how to use this site.

In a nutshell, you go to myip.ms here and you click ‘Search' and it knows all the stores using Shopify's IP address!  (IP stands for Internet Protocol)

8. Pinterest.  OK I couldn't end this blog post without talking about the power of Pinterest for finding hot products.  I mean, it's the 4th largest social network and heck, maybe you are even reading this post because you saw our pin on Pinterest and clickety clicked your lovely self over here!

Pinterest can show you hot trending products. Here is the link to the most popular categories on Pinterest.

When I went there I found this cute dog apparel that could be a great product to sell if you like dogs!

Too cute right!  WOW – And that's a WRAP!

I truly hoped you got value from this blog post about how to find hot products to sell on your online store.

Love & light to you, Maria Gudelis

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