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Hey, friend, I am SOOOO excited you are here.

Go get your favorite beverage and get comfy because we are about to become virtual besties. I am going to share with you my amazing journey and all my million-dollar lessons learned along the way.

Maybe you are here because right now your money is controlling you and you are so sick and tired of feeling like there is never enough. (Fact there is an abundance of money & I can help you get there)

Maybe you feel like life is way to complicated and you are completely overwhelmed with the idea of how the heck to calm the CraZy in your world. Don’t worry I got your back sister.

Maybe you want to learn how to start a side hustle that could turn into a passion-filled business, but you have no idea where to start. (I kinda ROCK at that)

Or maybe you need that little push of inspiration and some personal mojo to get you back on course because you fell off the money mastery wagon. (Think of me as your personal cheerleader)

If that is you, then you my dear are in the right place. This blog is run by an everyday mother of 2 who has turned the impossible into the possible and the stories are far from average.

So if you want to discover financial peace, the pure joy of simplicity and become a happier person along the way than buckle up buttercup because we are can take you there!


Let's get acquainted, shall we?

Kara Charron Quick Bio

Her most important role is being a wife to her husband of over 16 years and a mother to her 2 beautiful children Hailey and Spencer.

Her mission is simple, create a life that radiates happiness, simplicity, and freedom.

Like many others, she grew up never really learning how to be smart with money but despite that she created her first multi-million dollar company in her 20s. Hold the applause, she lost everything before she was 30. But the lessons she learned were PRICELESS.

Becoming a master at systems allowed her to pay off more than 100K in debt in one year. (no she did not win the lottery or inherit a large chunk of cash, she created a system that worked for her)

I have so much I want to share with you and I want to learn from you as well. Come back often and let's organize your finances & life from the inside out