We created this post on our Money Factor blog mainly to inspire you as you read about “ecommerce and shopify dropshipping side hustles” posts.

I don't know about you…but when I start researching a business opportunity, I like to know that other people have been successful doing it.

So we figured it would be a good idea to include a few client's testimonials so that you can be inspired and motivated.

And some of my students get great results when they pick the right niche.

Here’s Helge's screenshot from his online store who made $5,855.60 in his first month.


shopify dropshipping

If you haven't read our post about red hot niches for ecommerce, we highly encourage you to read the blog post here:

=> Top Ten eCommerce Shopify Niches for 2018 for Dropshipping & Print On Demand

I vividly remember training Kimmie on her first ecommerce store and then she went on to start even more ecommerce stores!

She loves all aspects of running an online store and couldn't believe it was possible!

Here’s Kimmie who took a store selling flags of all things…to almost $6k in 7 days!


maria gudelis testimonial

I just wanted to show you just a few “proof this works!!” screenshots not to brag about their success

(though I’m like MAMA BEAR proud of them!)…

But rather to…

Show you it’s dang possible when you are in the right niche, have the right products, and apply dedicated effort to it.

Stay tuned for a few more posts here about how to build an ecommerce store, tips and tricks.

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