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There are 2 main faces that run this blog.

Kara mostly writes about eliminating debt, living on a budget, being a savvy saver and how to be the Chief Financial Officer of your household.

Maria mostly writes about how to make more money, how to create side hustles, how to have a bulletproof mindset and how to keep the zen in your life.

If you want a brief overview about them visit the about us page.

You can read Kara’s complete story about how she went from Money Moron to Money Maverick here.

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Your Money Roadmap

We wanted a place where people who visit us for the first time can come and get a break down of the best places to start on this blog.

If you are visiting us to learn how to rock your finances and pay off debt we recommend:

1st – 5 Steps to Pay off $109k in 1 Year

2nd – Take Our FREE Money Mastery Made Simple Mini Course

3rd – 3 Tips to Get in the Money Zone Mindset

4th – Breaking Up With the Joneses

Lastly, check out

This will give you a good start.

If you are here because you want to learn to make more money then we suggest you start with:

1st – 31 GENIUS Ways to Make Extra Money

2nd – Check out our direct download and free pdf about the tools we use to run our lovely business here

3rd – Learn how to setup a stellar blog HERE

4th – Download our free PDF The perfect blog formula HERE

If you have any topics you would like to see us write about, please drop us a line with your idea HERE

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