You’re going to love this blog post. From my own eCommerce stores using Shopify and other platforms to my clients, I’ll spill the beans on what I think are the BEST niches for you to consider for your online store.

Here’s a wee little quote from Bloomberg to get you excited about starting up an online store:

“As doors shutter in shopping malls across the nation because more and more people prefer to shop online rather than a physical retail store…

Every day, Americans spend about $1.2 billion online.

That figure has roughly doubled in the past five years, according to the Department of Commerce, and it’s likely to double again in the next five as the internet continues to devour traditional retail.”

Real quick…just to show you some proof that when you pick the right niche…

You have stacked the odds to be ever in your favor (love that quote from the Hunger Games!)…

Here’s some screenshots of my own ecommerce sales using Shopify and other ecommerce platforms:

In the yoga niche:

My first month and 4 days of my first online store brought in $14,279.28:


2018 shopify dropshipping niches


And here is my first year in sales – WOW even I couldn’t believe it – almost a quarter of a million dollars!!


ecommerce niches for dropshipping

I just wanted to show you  “proof this works!!” screenshots to:

Show you it’s dang possible when you are in the right niche.

If you'd like to see more “proof” simply check out our blog post:  eCommerce Success Stories / Testimonials

Stay tuned for new blog posts because soon…

I’ll post on our Money Factor blog, an interview with Julie, who got to $25,000 a month within 5 months of following my trainings. She’ll share with you how she did it and the steps she took. How cool is that!!

Now to the real reason you’re reading this right now:

Top Ten eCommerce Shopify Niches for 2018 for Dropshipping & Print On Demand

Remember one thing.

NEVER be a scaredy cat if you think “Well, everyone is in that niche it’s too saturated”.

Nothing could be further from the truth my friend because you should be instead…doing the “money attraction happy dance” because…

The FACT that there’s a lot of competition means that people are buying this stuff online and that there’s a HUGE market for it.

If I or one of my students had thought ‘oh my oh my the yoga or baby or flag or bracelets or hats niche is too saturated’ they would have lost out on thousands of sales!

  1. Yoga Niche (eg. bracelets, yoga straps, meditation products and digital)
  2. Fitness Niche (yes I know yoga fits in there but wanted to include other sports activities…so products like water bottles, protein shaker bottles, crossfit equipment, snowboarding, surfing, paddle board etc.,)
  3. Pet Products niche ( eg. collars, jewelry, spoil your pet stuff, vitamins)
  4. Self-Care Products and Cosmetics
  5. Retro Niche (yes this is hot right now…thing retro vintage clothing, sunglasses, accessories etc.)
  6. Nature / Minimalist niche (e.g. Think Wood Glasses, Wood Watches)
  7. Religion Niche (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam)
  8. Professions (Teachers, Police, Nurses, Firefighter, Veterans, Hockey, Teachers, Mechanics)
  9. Outdoor and Self Defense Products Niche
  10. Fashion – Women’s and Men’s Clothing & Jewelry (Hot niche. One of my friends took a new store to over $100k a month in sales selling women’s ‘lingerie’ type clothing and yes his Facebook ads were approved for bustiers!)

Now there's actually more but the top ten eCommerce niches above are proven niches that gets you lots of sales.

Let's have some fun shall we?

Let me give you a simple example of the Retro niche and how you could start a Shopify store or add to your own existing store.

Now Retro is quite interesting as well because it appeals to Millenials and also to the Baby Boomer market.  Since a lot of your traffic for eCommerce will come from Facebook or Instragram, it's great to know that the FASTEST DEMOGRAPHIC on Facebook is the 55+ demographic!

So you can fill your store up with at least 10 retro / vintange products you can find on Aliexpress and also create some print on demand mugs, t-shirts, totes, posters etc.

Let's see how to find “in demand” hot selling vintage stuff on Aliexpress.

I simply:

1. Entered “vintage round sunglasses” in my search at Aliexpress.

2. Sorted by number of orders.

Searching by number of orders I love to do because that will tell me which items are selling the HOTTEST.

Remember, we”re not scared of competition, we want proven “in demand” products.

Here’s the first result that came up:

aliexpress hot product retro vintage


And here’s what I just found when searching Google with the search phrase “vintage sunglasses shopify”.



5 STAR HINT – by adding the word “Shopify” at the end of the search term in Google, Google will show you people’s stores using Shopify as their platform and selling vintage sunglasses.

Next, I checked out some of the results and BAMM better than honey baked ham…

I found a Shopify eCommerce store selling the exact same sunglasses…

Selling with a markup of 5x!

As in you can buy it on Aliexpress for $5.73.

Sell it on your store for $24.90.

That’s a $19.17 Gross Profit.

Here’s a snapshot with my ‘purple’ note of the exact same item:

Can you imagine finding products like these to “buy low and sell high”?

Are you with me on the power at your fingertips now that you know the hot niches and how to find your suppliers who will ship the product right to your customer's door so you don't even have to touch the product!


But wait there’s more! Let me give you 3 fabulous resources.


Whether you plan to use Shopify as your eCommerce software of choice or others…these 3 little goldmines will help you:

1. Trending business ideas from Shopify

Think you’ll love what Shopify has prepared for you here.

You can choose from over 20 online business ideas here that are particularly popular this year. Each in-depth case study includes supplier info, marketing tips, business model insights and free high-resolution images for your store and marketing campaigns. Case studies are updated regularly, so check back often or subscribe for updates to stay on trend!

2. The 17 Best Places Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Go To Find Product Ideas

On Shopify’s blog here you’ll find 17 places to find product ideas.

And the third resource I'd love to share with you.

Taa Daa

3. Is simply a cool example of a Gift Niche eCommerce store.

I have no relation to this store but just thought is shows you how simple stuff you can find on Aliexpress and sell for 3-5 times more than your cost can be done! Yes it’s possible!.

It’s an online store called BigSmall and even though it’s based in India it will:

  • Give you product ideas possibly for you to sell on your store
  • It’s a great example of a “Gift niche store”
  • With 30k orders in six months, BigSmall aims to make it big in the niche eCommerce gifting space

Here’s their online store url:

Pretty nifty right?!

Whew this was a long post right?

Have I ignited your mind and lighted up your desire to start or add to your own Shopify eCommerce store?

If your gorgeous heart desires…

You can start building your own online store using a platform we love and use ourselves.
There's a free trial period and plans start as low as $29 USD a month and I recommend you start with that.

This software platform is called Shopify and you can start with a 14 day FREE TRIAL when you sign up here.


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